Batch delete items | Batch edit metadata


We are using Omeka as a tool for students to process digital archival items for later export into the library's ContentDM collections. Naturally, we have acquired a whole slew of items that are not worthy for export and quite a few which are not even worth keeping on our classroom site. Some others just need revised to meet the library's metadata standards. I'm trying to figure out a quick and practical way to save those that are salvageable and remove those that are not.

I've tagged items as a way of tracking which are to be kept and which are to be revised or removed.

For items that need to be deleted: Ideally, I would love to be able to go into the database and delete items according to these tags. Is this possible? If so, how? If not, is there some other way you would suggest?

For items that need revised: Similarly, I would like to be able to find problematic subject terms in the database and batch edit all occurrences. Most are minor spelling and punctuation mistakes that need to be made uniform. It would be pretty tedious to do each item one at a time. I'm not seeing an SQL table for subjects so maybe that's not possible. Do you have suggestions on this?

I am open to temporary hacks and/or command line if detailed instructions are available.

Thanks -- Erin