Batch Add

When trying to use the batch add function I encounter an issue trying to add images to a collection. It appears that you cannot have more than 6 collections per exhibit.

When I checked the exhibit setup, I see the desired collection, but when i try and add items to it, the seventh collection is not available.

Any thoughts on how I might resolve that?

I am having a similar problem. I have added more than 10 collections. When I try to batch upload to the 11th collection, it's not an option in the Collection Metadata dropdown menu. The first 10 are available though.

Even though I'm working with PHP 5.1.6, I tested this behavior on my machine which has 5.2.6. It's repeatable.



This is not just a batch add issue. I can't access the 11th collection when trying to add a single item.

I'm not really much of a programmer, but I'm trying to find the culprit. :)

I really need to figure this out. Looking at the generated code in the admin panel for adding an item to a collection, I can see that only 10 collections are generated in the drop down list (in the admin page ---> either when you're adding a single item or batch adding many items, the Collection Metadata --> Collection drop down list only returns the first ten collections).

I'm guessing the reason is in the PHP that generates the form for the drop down list. After looking through a lot of the PHP code, I'm guessing the file that needs adjusting is in


and it's around line 337. I'll add the code below although I'm not sure how it will display when I submit this post:

<fieldset id="collection-metadata">
<legend>Collection Metadata</legend>
<div class="field">
<?php select('collection_id',
'name' ); ?>

In my limited experience, the code above looks good to me. Does anything think otherwise? Could the problem be there or somewhere else?


Whoops, I left out the file name:


Hmmm, I don't think that's the code that's affecting this after all. I'll keep reading through it all. :)

Hey, my apologies for not getting to this sooner. I fixed the bug and sent a patch to the dev list, which you can find at:

To apply the patch, download the attached file and try:

patch -p0 < collections_limit.patch

in the root of your installation.

Hope that helps!

Actually, that was very fast. Thank you very much for the help. I appreciate it a lot and it works perfectly.

Even though it affected all collection select lists, I had to install the DropboxController.patch Sean Hannan posted on the Omeka Dev site in order to get the Dropbox collection feature to work properly. But it's good to go now.