Batch add items to exhibits?

The pages of the exhibit I am creating consist of entire handbooks, and each item in these pages are pages of those handbooks. This means I have to add up to 150 items individually to each page. Is there a way to batch add items onto these pages?

I have to ask.. is there a reason you're not making the handbooks into PDFs? 150 items on an exhibit page is a LOT of items! I have a 2560*1440 monitor, and even with that I can only fit ~55 square thumbnails in a maximized window. And that's without captions. 150 images is also a lot to load at one time, particularly if you have mobile users.

As far as I know, the only way to batch add items to a page would be to edit the database directly. That can get a bit complicated for exhibit items, and I wouldn't recommend it.