Basic search and truncation

Is it possible to do truncation searches in Omeka? We would really like to be able to do searches for shal* and get results like shale and shaley (not just plurals).

Am I missing something?

The advanced "contains" search is a little broader than a truncation, but is close: a search for "shal" would get results containing "shale" or "shaley."

Thanks, that's useful.

Unfortunately, you can only search one field at a time in that search, and I would like to be able to search multiple fields. Any ideas?

We're currently working on ways to improve Omeka's searching, but the "simple" search, which doesn't do truncation, and the "advanced" which is one field at a time are your basic choices for now.

If you're only talking about a few fields, you can search on multiple rows at once with the advanced search (obviously not so workable with more than a few).

There are some other search options like SolrSearch or a Google site search, but both of those need some separate setup (and have their own idiosyncrasies).