Base URL Feature Request

Could a future version of Omeka have a place in the admin where a user could set the base url for the site?

We have a reverse proxy configuration, with a proxy server in front of a Web server that hosts the application. All user requests go to the proxy server, which pass them on to the application server. All responses also go through the proxy server. So the application server should be completely hidden from users. However, some of the helper functions (those that seem to use abs_uri) occasionally try to use the application server address. Our server administrator has added config entries to replace occurrences of the application server in the urls. However, this seems to fail sometimes.

In places where we've noticed the application server's address being used, like in an item's citation, I've added a php statement to remove the application server address, and replace it with the actual address that web page is using.

Additionally, it sounds like a base url would allow for more consistent statistics since everyone would be using the same address to get to the site.

This is a good feature. It'll probably require moving away from some of the constants we currently use, which try to automatically determine the URL.

For the time being, you should be able to configure your proxy to pass through the original request's Host header to get Omeka to guess the correct absolute URL.