Base Ttitle Encoding Question

I'm working on the wiki to my Omeka archive and I noticed that all of the titles of items transcribed using Scripto are renamed in the wiki to a "base MediaWiki page title that corresponds to the document page," according to a comment I found in the Document.php source code. It seems like this is a necessary part of integrating Scripto and MediaWiki, but I'm not sure what to do with a title like ".MTM.ODQ".

Is it possible to change title names in the wiki, or will doing so "break" integration between Omeka, Scriptio, and MediaWiki?

Or, do people write subtitles into the transcription using wiki formatting in the head of the transcription document?


--Cedrick M.

Scripto is designed to be administered through Omeka, not MediaWiki. Changing titles in MediaWiki will break integration. Should you absolutely need to administer transcriptions through MediaWiki, follow these directions to decode titles on article pages. Note that this will not change the titles anywhere else in MediaWiki, such as the recent changes or history pages.

Thank you!