BagIt and user bag

I am working on Omeka to organize some drawings. I am currently using a plugin named BagIt. I can't find an option to allow users (on my web site) to creat bags in the manner of commercial website.Is it possible ?
Thank you for your answer and sorry for my english.


Can you be more specific about what you mean by creating "bags in the manner of commercial website?"

If you mean a shopping cart functionality, that is not the intention of the BagIt plugin. The plugin is used on the administrative side of Omeka to transfer files using a professional standard.

Thank you for your answer! I actually meant a shopping cart functionality, with no money involved, of course. Is there any other add-on I can use for that? It could be useful for my users to have something like that, for creating their own collection with the images I put on my web-site.


Something like that will be coming soon with a new plugin we are currently testing. Stay tuned!

I sure will!
Thanks patrickmj


Hey patrickmj,

I am also interested in this shopping cart-esque plugin. Has it been released?

I was probably thinking of the Posters plugin. Not exactly a shopping cart, but somewhat similar.