background.php and Hosting Tos (DailyRazor)


I've receive today this email from my hosting provider :

"Dear Customer,

We have found a background process in your applications.This violates our ToS agreement( in article p.4.12:
"You agree not to run any background and/or listening processes. You also agree not to engage in any activity (through your code, processes, jobs, etc) that will affect the server and/or customer accounts on the said server."

Next file has been disabled: /home/chess373/public_html/wp/omeka/application/core/background.php

Please update this ticket with explanations as soon as possible."

I search in the forum and I found this thread that suggest to change webhost :

Is this file is really need to work or if I remove it, what functionality is gone (other than csvimport) ?


The background.php file is mostly just used for plugins by default. CsvImport, actually, at the moment, isn't using it either.


Is there the only background process in Omeka ?