Background Images in Neatline

What is the best way to get an image like the signers of the declaration of independence at
into a Neatline exhibit? I am using the Exhibit settings image layer but the images I import are too small. Does the image I use need to be on top of a map layer? Any ideas?

Hi mcarring,

I believe David used Mapbox for that particular image, georeferencing it on top of a set of map tiles. Another way to do that would be to georeference an image and push it on to Geoserver (the actual Declaration of Independence is done that way). What you get with these techniques (using a server that streams image tiles to the browser) is that it makes the load times shorter for the end user, but you have added complexity of "arbitrary" georeferencing images so it works for your exhibit.



Any way to get a background image into the image layer with a URL in Exhibit settings other than a white background image that does not need to be resized?

Not sure if I understand what you're asking...but would a PNG with a transparent background do the trick? Or are you asking about georeferenced images?

We are not using a Geoserver so we can't reference the image. Is there any way to get a static image that would not move on zoom in and zoom out when we use the image layer option with an image such as

Add a png or gif as an item in Omeka and then grab the URL to the "original" image. Then copy that URL as the base layer for Neatline. However this will still zoom in and out. There is a patch in Github to set a default min and max zoom though...