Awkward style error using Seasons theme

Using version 2.0.1 of Omeka with the Seasons theme, the exhibit pages navigation floats the ul down the right side. As the number of pages increase, it results in the navigation bar becoming a large block (with links floated down the right side) above the exhibit page contents. What style changes (and on which css pages are they found) need to be made to make all exhibit page navigation a drop-down menu?

Can you link to a screenshot of the problem?

We are working on getting the public site up but here is a sample page that I can show you:

We have the public site up and running so I can link the actual page:

We are still searching for the code in the style css hat might help us fix this framing issue.


That URL you posted is to a local IP: it's not accessible from other locations.

How do you have your exhibit laid out? The navigation actually is set up to go left-to-right, but it looks like the long Exhibit title "Gateway to Galveston..." is pushing everything to a small part of the right side. Does shortening that title improve things?

My browser resolved the IP. However I changed the title and low-and-behold it altered the way the navigation works. Didn't imagine it would be something so simple. Thanks John!

This is the IP: