Available Themes

I'm in the process of playing with Omeka but can't download the two basic themes from the website. The page is down. I could just go back to the server directory and pull them out but won't revive access for a few days. Is there a chance that anyone can tell me where I could get them in the meantime?

Additionally, does anyone have any advice for someone familiar with Wordpress who is going to messing around with Omeka's themes?

Hi AJMillion,

Thanks for your post. There was a little typo in the theme links. You should be able to download theme now.

I'll leave the WordPress editing advice to those designers with more experience.

Hi AJ,

There's quite a bit more PHP in our theme templating than with WordPress, mainly because 1) there are much more data available to pull into Omeka themes than WordPress themes, and 2) because its a young templating system, and we're still evolving ways to make more helper functions that users need.

There are a couple of ways to get data into your themes. One involves using variables and their properties. Example:

<?php echo $item->title; ?>

This code would echo the title of the item. On some pages (like in the items directory) $items and $item are pre-defined, so you don't need to define them. On other pages, you'd have to define them, like <?php $item = item(10); ?>, which would define $item as the item with the ID of '10'.

Another way is to use help functions, as I mentioned earlier. We've listed all the helper functions in the Codex, but if you're interested in looking at the code for the helper functions, they're all located in application/helpers directory of your Omeka install.

I hope this helps!


Thanks! I'll keep you updated.

Alright, I'm back. Myself and a coworker have been messing around and had a little success. It's going to take me a little while to get comfortable, but I'll get there. The helper functions are nice too and I should be good to go. Of course, that won't be for a couple of months. No need yet.

That said, I have one more question. I had mentioned on a previous thread that I am working on an early stage Digital Project for the University of Missouri Journalism School. Unfortunately, right now myself, another guy, and a Professor are the only ones working on it. We're strapped for everything but content; [I will flat out say that our content is awesome]. Hopefully, the want for other things will change at the end of the month, because we have a meeting with the department. Coincidentally, next year the school will be celebrating the opening of a brand new building and their 100th, 150th, er... some anniversary. A good opportunity to market the project, no? Our J-School is very well funded.

Anyway, since we are strapped for time, cash, and experience I was wondering if anyone has advice regarding the quickest way to "clean up" on the display. The administrative side is great and we've got the necessary organization down. It would just be nice to have Omeka look "prettier." Any suggestions? Does anyone have any developed (or partially developed) themes laying around out there? If everything goes to plan we hope to create our own and submit it, but that's will be later on. We have to get everything working first. Otherwise we may be stuck. Coming here seemed like a quick way to maximize our punch come the end of April, and I'm sure some of you have been here before.

If you have any questions or suggestions, by all means, e-mail me.


By the end of this week, we should have a few other themes available for downloading. There will be a blog post announcing the release of the themes once they are officially available.

These should help make your site "prettier."


Is the newly available Dark theme intact? When I download it, I get an archive with no files in the subdirectories. Trying to install it yields an error message: can't find common/header.php. Are my download attempts all corrupt or are there really no php files there?


Sorry about that. Something must have happened during the compression. It should be good to go now.