Automatic Geolocation of Items?


I've been experimenting with the geolocation plugin. I've successfully added items to the map manually, but I was wondering if there were any plans to automate this process. For example, if an image that is associated with an item has lat/long information embedded in the EXIF information for the photo, could a location automatically be assigned?

This would be a really useful feature, but it doesn't seem built-in based on my experimentation and reading of the documentation and forums.

Just want to make sure I'm not missing functionality.



I think that that's technically doable, and we haven't done it.

It seems like it'd make sense in many cases, but I'd be worried a little about getting accidental and wrong data if the place where the photo was taken doesn't correspond to the location for the item itself. A photo of a statue commemorating an event that took place elsewhere, like the statue commemorating Iwo Jima outside DC, for example, could lead to trouble if there's not a prompt to double-check the location data.

So it's a possible feature, but one that we'd need to be very careful with.

Thanks! Great points about potential downsides, if there aren't clear override capabilities. Perhaps the autolocate could be off by default. Switching it on could trigger a warning message to the admin. Thanks for considering.