automatic exhibition for documents / pictures

I am new in Omeka. I'm looking for a simple way to build exhibition which include, for example, all documents that belong to a specific tag (or collection). Same for pictures. Is there anything like that around? or should I add tens or hundreads of documents for each exhibition one by one?


The way exhibits work, items are more specifically added to pages within an exhibit, and put into one of the layouts for that page. And so, there isn't really a way to automatically add many items to an exhibit, since the important part is adding them to an individual page.

I understand. Thanks a lot, we'll try to find another way to do what we want.

I realize this was posted a year ago, but I am interested in the same thing - having some dynamic content on an exhibit page based on a specific metadata field or specific tag. So as users add more items, the appropriate items are automatically included on the exhibit pages.