Audio & Video Player Issues on Exhibit Page

I am trying to create an exhibit using version 2.1.4 that incorporates audio and video clips as well as images and text. When I upload audio or video clips the audio and video players both show up on the item page so that these clips can be played (ex. When I add one of these audio or video items to an exhibit page, however, the player does not appear on the page and cannot be viewed until you click through to the item metadata page. I know it is possible to have the audio player appear on the exhibit page itself because an exhibit my organization created last summer can do this ( Unfortunately, no one is here who worked on that project to give me direction.

Has anyone experienced this problem before? Any suggestions on how to make the player appear on the exhibit page itself?

What layout are you using? Have you tried using a different one?

Some layouts like the gallery are set up to prefer or force the use of thumbnails, to keep the layout intact.

I use a page layout of image list left thumbs to eliminate this problem.