Audio, specifically .mp3

Have researched the following in the forums but have not found a solution.

I have a .mp3 audio file, uploaded as an item. When I go to view the public page, there is no link to retrieve/play the file. The Menu Item "File" exists in the template. But unlike image files that do have a link to the item, there is no such link to the .mp3 audio file.

I am running Omeka 1.4.1 and I will upgrade to 1.4.2 to see if this resolves this issue. But... any thoughts? Should be able to dial up and retrieve an audio file like a .mp3. I would far prefer to pull the original .mp3 and let a browser handle it, but is there a media player plugin that should be associated with audio or video media files?


Upgrading to 1.4.2 might not necessarily help with this problem, but it shouldn't hurt either. Here are a couple of ideas:

* Is the file listed on the admin site, when viewing or editing the item? If so, check what the value is for the file's MIME/browser. You can do this in the admin by viewing the Item the file is associated with, then clicking file name under "View File Metadata" in the right column. If it's an MP3, the value for the file's MIME/browser should be 'audio/mp3'. Either way, let us know what the value is.

* What theme are you using? One packaged with Omeka, or a custom theme? Try switching your theme to a different one and see if you get the same problem. If the file shows up using a different theme, it likely means the theme you were originally using has some kind of issue. If its a custom theme, consider sharing the code for it somewhere, like Github or some other code repository.

Also, please share a URL to your site if possible. Looking at the page where the MP3 file should appear might help us figure out the problem.

Just an anecdote: we're running 1.4.2 with the Santa Fe theme and MP3 files are displayed with a nice player widget.