Audio playback


I'm working on a test site at the moment, and any audio file I upload either automatically plays back (which is annoying), or the page downloads the entire audio before the media player appears (also annoying).

Is there any way to not have media embed into the page, and rather have a link to the media appear instead?

Or even have the media player show up without the above happening?


Are you using any plugins like HTML5 Media?

Generally, audio shouldn't be autoplaying by default, but what happens could depend somewhat on what plugins you're using either in Omeka or your browser.

I am using the HTML5 media pluin. But, it looks like it only happens in Chrome, so I'll chalk it up to a browser annoyance.

Still, in Firefox and Safari, the entire audio file downloads before the media player appears. Can this be changed?

I'd rather the download begin after the user decides they actually want to access the audio.


I think right now you can't change the loading behavior, but it should be possible to make HTML5 Media let you specify in its settings whether or not the media should get preloaded by the browser.