audio files with no link


I have attached an audio file(.mp3) to an item. When displayed, the audio file name does not a have a link on it to the audio file itself.

This does not happen when I attach an image file or a PDF.

Does anybody know why is this happening and what can I do to solve it?

Also for the audio files, does anybody know of a way to embed an audio player directly into the show.php for an item?

thank you.

I have made some more tests with this audio file and it turns out that the file name IS linked in IE 8(Windows 7) and in Firefox under Ubuntu, and it is NOT linked in Firefox and Chrome in Windows 7 / Windows xp.

Here's an image of how the audio file link looks in Chrome, IE and Firefox under Windows 7:

Given that the display of the audio file as it is now depends on the browser capabilities, my opinion is that an embedded audio player is a must.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Thank you

Does this happen with all of your audio files, or just this one? How large is the file? Do you mind sharing the link to the item/show page?