Atom output for recently modified entries?

Dear all, I have the Atom Output plugin installed, and wonder if it's possible to show a feed that contains entries that have been modified most recently, instead of new items added?

Thank you in advance.

Try appending &sort_field=modified&sort_dir=d to the Atom URL. It works in the newest version of Omeka, where Atom is part of the core software; but I'm not sure if it works while using the Atom Output plugin.

Thank you jsafley. It works! :)

Now I wonder what other controls do we have over the Atom out put? i.e. what other options besides sort_field and sort_dir?

Is it possible, for example to generate a feed of newly updated items in a specific collection?

Thanks again. Your help is very much appreciated!

The Atom output, and all the feed outputs, just work by generating a different format than the HTML you see when you're normally viewing the page.

Every way you can filter or sort by when browsing items, you can get a feed URL for that.