Atom or rss cookies?

I have some php files showing up on my server that appear to be related to atom and rss. These files recently appeared in a folder called "coockies" with names like


However, I don't have either the Atom or MediaRSS plugins installed (or even downloaded).

Could someone explain what these files are?

Those names do seem to be related to potential Omeka URLs, but Omeka shouldn't be creating any PHP files like, even if you had those plugins installed.

You don't need either of those plugins to have Atom or RSS outputs, Omeka has those capabilities built in. Still, as I said before, Omeka wouldn't or shouldn't be creating files like that, and "cookies" aren't PHP files, and wouldn't be stored on the server.

What do the contents of those files look like, and are they showing up within your Omeka install or somewhere else?

This "coockies" directory is outside the omeka directory at the same level, just under the main website directory.

There's an index.php, a bunch like the ones I posted above, and a robotstxt.php. One level up, just under the main website directory is coockies.txt.

The files appear to be all text. I can send links, but if my site is compromised, I don't want to advertise it. Can I send something non-publicly?