Associate a function with each creator

do you think of an easy way to associate each dc:creator field with a function (writer, painter, cowriter, translator ...).

Didn't find an easy way to do it, hope somebody will help !



Are you interested in using that field with proper names and their job, or just with the descriptive type of work done by the creator? You can create a controlled vocabulary for that field using the Simple Vocab plugin, and then you'd have a drop-down menu of those functions to choose from when entering in the metadata.

I'd like to associaté with each creator of a record, what he did for this record.

In french libraries we use Unimarc (variant of Marc21 used in US), and in this format, you can associate with every author one "function code" to be more precise about what the person did. We've a list available (PDF there : ) that I'd like to incorporate.

Simple Vocab is part of the solution but I don't know how to manage multiple authors. How can I associate easily Author1 with Function1, Author2 with function 2 ... I should say first occurence of Function is associated with First occurence of Author etc but I was looking for a more clean solution.

Hope it's clear enough ...