Assigning multiple geolocation markers to single item record

Is there any way to add multiple geolocation markers to a single item record, like can be done with most of the other metadata fields?

I am using Omeka to build a virtual military history gallery that primarily consists of item type "Person". My person item type records includes fields like: Hometown, Place of Death, Place of Burial, Location of Service.

I would like to be able to geo-plot each of these locations into the Item Record-level geolocaton map (and -- less critical -- assign different marker colors for each geo-metadata field).

The way the plugin currently works, I have to choose only one of those place-based metadata fields for each Person item.

The plugin is set up to be able to store multiple locations, but the actual interface that the plugin presents isn't currently set up to allow you to select more than one location.

HI there. Just wondering if by chance there are any plans to modify the geolocation interface to start supporting multiple locations. The example in my initial post (above) explains what might be a common use case.

I'm considering presenting on using Omeka for genealogy at a big genealogy conference, and this type of use case is standard functionality that genealogists would want out of the plugin.

Thank you.

Like John said, it remains on our minds, but hasn't bubbled up in the priority list. I don't anticipate that it will in the near future

I am also interested in doing this--We are considering Omeka for a platform for documents covering birth control history and have letters and reports that cover birth control organizing in several countries/cities and would like to be able to map that one item to all the places that it discusses.

I have been experimenting with items that have multiple places associated with them as well. One thing I discovered today is that the new Exhibit Builder tool (still in beta) can display a map that shows the locations only of the items you select to add to it.

So, I made separate record entries just for locations in Omeka (catalogued as "Location" using customized item types). Then, I made a new exhibit, selected the geolocation map content block, and added all of these items. While this might be outside of someone's desired workflow, I thought that I would share this idea.

Alternatively, you could make separate maps in Google (, and embed it in the Coverage field in the item's entry.