Archiving a TAH project's activities

I am trying to build a site in Omeka to document all of the activities of a TAH grant over four years. I was planning on creating items for each person involved, each event we held, each place we worked at, each reading/text/handout/website addressed. I really want the metadata for each item to link to the other items in the catalog. For example, I'd like the location field in an event to be a link to the location as an item. I want several metadata fields for each item to link to other items: locations, dates, associated resources, people.

Is it possible to do this without creating each item starting with one item type, then finding the url for each item's entry and pasting it in to the metadata of each related item?

If there is nothing faster, is there a way to make the simple vocab list for an element a list of URLs that link to other items in the database?


By the way, I should say that the main way I think the site will be used will be for participants to find the resources shared, but am anticipating that people will remember and search for them by different pieces of data, and that's the main reason why I want everything linked.

I'm wondering if I need to use tags instead but there are so many different item types that I want to link to each other item, I think that the tags would become a big mess.


There are a lot of options, but you don't want to make it too confusing for your users.

Some of those fields you want to be individual items, you could actually create separate fields in the item type metadata. And then link them together using the Search by Metadata plugin:

Or, for example, you can could geolocate each resource (using the Geolocation plugin) rather than making the location an item.

The item relations plugin would connect related items, but you would need to add in the actual item's number. (And the plugin isn't quite updated for 2.0)

As for adding URLs to Simple Vocab drop-downs. Yes, but they aren't active links so it won't exactly do what you want it to do.