Hi everyone,

I have a new client that has omeka installed and wanted to use it for a new application they are creating, however, the way their app needs to work is to use the image repository (collections) aspect of omeka (with some plugins) to drive their application, i.e. the main application needs to communicate with omeka via some kind of api to expose searching and to keep track of which images it has/hasn't processed, then surface those images in the main app for review etc.

I've done a bit of nosing around and concluded this isn't what omeka is for, but I'm just seeking confirmation.

Thanks a lot for your time.

Since Omeka does not currently have an API for other apps to tap into, you're probably right. Depending on the details of what the second app needs to do, though, it is possible that it could be done as an Omeka plugin.

Thanks for the advice, that's a good idea, I'll have a look at creating a plugin.


I am new here. I've just installed Omeka in my server. I like a lot.

I haven't had enough time to read all docs and I am not sure if this goal is in the roadmap but I would like to know if there is any interest in it.

For years, I tried to build a desktop application based on semantic web rules. I was thinking to mix my app with Omeka by building a frontend. It is only an idea.

Maybe this should be go in other post but what about an sparql endpoint?

Anyway, thanks for this great work. I'll keep an eye in Omeka.


In the (very) long term planning, we're thinking of adding some way to expose RDF data.

A sparql endpoint, however, is less likely at this point, since that would call for putting RDF triplestore in the backend -- a much more complicated task.


I think I'll follow your advice about build an Omeka plugin in previous post.

Saludos / Regards

Correction: we do have RDF for items if you add ?output=dcmes-xml to the show and browse urls for items