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I just used simple scripts to install Omeka on my account.

When I view the main page, it displays my collection and a featured item I have put up for test.

When I am logged into the account, I can view the artifact without issue. When I log out, I get a 404 after clicking on the artifact. Mod_rewrite is Enabled.

I've been working desperately to figure this out, it's not the theme (tried two different themes).

I'm hoping to use this as part of an exemplar site for my portfolio, so any assistance would be appreciated!

Oh, and btw:

omeka ~dot~ jonathan-list ~dot~ com

Just to be clear, when you are logged in, are you able to go to the artifact on the "front", public side of the site?

This looks like a "missing .htaccess" problem. Omeka should have a file named exactly .htaccess in the root directory. If it's not there, you may need to upload it manually from a zipped copy of Omeka.

Fixed: Turns out that the simple scripts install has .htaccess and .htaccess.txt.

The .htaccess file is just there for giggles, points to a php file. Renaming the .htaccess.txt to .htaccess and overwriting the existing file works great!

Hostmonster Technical support... FOR THE WIN! :-)

We've had a few users report exactly this problem from using simplescripts.

It's possible/likely that there's some kind of issue with their installation script that's causing this.