Alternative Text for Accessibility Tests

Hi guys, need some direction from you. I'm doing a research in accessibility for blind people, and one of many ideas that I have is do not allow to insert a new item, collection or somethng else, without a description. This description is used by many screen readers and that's why is so important.

My question is, which is the function used to validate the required fields, used in many fields like names of components and so on? Or is there a plugin for these kind of change for accessibility?

Thanks in advance!

The validation takes place on the model for Items, in application/models/Item.php in _validate()

But it doesn't do a lot, since we don't make any field required.

There's not currently a plugin that does this, but it would be a great one, and I_think_ fairly easy to build.

My first guess is that it would use the `before_save_<model> hook. You could check if the description is filled out somewhere in there, and add an error to the Item model if it isn't filled out.

At least that's how I'd probably start...I'm likely missing details that'd come up.