Alphabetizing Items

I am working with several other students to create an online catalog of judges of the DC District Court. Each item has the name of the judge listed in the description, no other dublin core, and the item type is custom-built.

We began adding our items with no thought as to order, but now that we have completed this process we want to sort the judges alphabetically. Omeka seems to want to sort them only by order added (i.e. ID number). Even when added to a collection the ID number dominates the way the items are sorted.

Is there any way I can alphabetize these items without deleting and re-adding each item, in alphabetical order?

Our site exists here (in its rough stages still):

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

-Zach Siegel


In the admin mode, you can sort items by items by title and a few other fields. I just copied the end of that url and put it in the public items page. It seems to work there as well.

Now you'll just want to link to that url on your page's navigation with something like:

<?php echo public_nav_main(array('Browse Items' => uri('items?sort_field=Dublin+Core%2CTitle'), 'Browse Collections'=>uri('collections'))); ?>

Andy's right: you can use the sort_field parameter. There are quite a few details on sorting items on the Sorting Results page on the Codex.

Specifically, you can make a link to sort by the Dublin Core title using the following:

    echo link_to_browse_items('Sorted by Title', array('sort_field' => 'Dublin Core,Title'));