Alphabetical Tags?

I'd like to request a fix to the core system so that it automatically alphabetizes all item tags when they are displayed in tag clouds. The pre-Omeka versions did a pretty good job of alphabetizing all tags, but this seems to be gone in the new version(s). As a reference case, have a look at:

I believe the relevant function is tag_clouds in Functions.php.



You're right about the alphabetized tags in earlier versions. We'll look into it and see if we can give people an option for organizing their tags in future versions.


Actually, there is a way to view tags alphabetically on the tag cloud. You can sort them in a couple of different ways (alphabetically, in order of most recent, most occurrences first, or least occurrences first). You can check it out on the admin side, if you click 'archive' then 'tags', it will take you to the tag cloud with clickable options for sorting.

The sorting actually takes place in the query string of the URL, so if you add ?sort=alpha to your URL, i.e., you will see that the tags load in alphabetical order.

Hope that helps!

Kris, yes, exactly what I was looking for. Much thanks!