Allow users to View,but not edit, other users' Private Exhibits

Greetings. I have been able to create additional roles using the excellent MoreUserRoles plugin by ebelleempire. I have created Student view and Student edit roles where users can view and edit other private items but not publish (the professor or editor must approve). We need to have a role where users can create and edit their own exhibits, but also be able to view others' private exhibits. Ideally, I would like to inherit from the Admin role but only allow edit and deleting of 'Self' created items, collections, and exhibits. Is this possible?

I'm not familiar with that plugin, so I can't really say without dissecting it a bit. You might, though, ask Erin on the issues page for the plugin.

Greetings: This code works with the MoreUserRoles plugin. It inherits the Contributor role, and adds the ability to view other users' private exhibits, but not edit or delete them.

$acl->addRole(new Zend_Acl_Role('studentContributor'), 'contributor');


$acl->allow('studentContributor', array('Items', 'Collections','ExhibitBuilder_Exhibits', 'ElementSets', 'Elements','Search'), 'showNotPublic');

It's untested, but this code may work directly in the core file:


$acl->allow('contributor', array('Items', 'Collections','ExhibitBuilder_Exhibits', 'ElementSets', 'Elements','Search'), 'showNotPublic');

It should extend the already defined contributor permissions.