Allow Contributors to build exhibits?

Is there any way to allow users who are contributors to build exhibits? I would like to allow students to add items to collections as well as build exhibits based on those items.

Thanks for your help.

There have been some discussions regarding this issue here:

The easiest option would be to give them "admin" level permissions and then they could build exhibits.


Thanks for the response. I did give "admin" level to the student for a short-term fix, and I have read over the discussion you referenced.

I do think it makes sense to allow "contributor" status folks to build exhibits, but restrict going public with the exhibits to "Admin" level. We, for one, want to use Omeka to allow students in various courses to build digital exhibits based on archival materials, and we would feel more comfortable if the students did not have full "admin" privileges.

Is there any way for us to modify our installation to allow "contributors" to have such access to the exhibit builder?

Thanks for all your work. I really like Omeka and hope to make good use of it.

I can help you hack your ExhibitBuilder plugin to allow contributor access, but keep in mind that the hack won't carry over when (if) you eventually update your plugin to a new version.

You can try the following. In the plugin.php file of your ExhibitBuilder plugin, look for the exhibit_builder_setup_acl() function and add this line at the bottom:

$acl->allow('contributor', 'ExhibitBuilder_Exhibits', array('add', 'edit', 'add-page', 'edit-page-content', 'edit-page-metadata', 'add-section', 'edit-section', 'section-list', 'page-list'));

That will give all those specific permissions to the 'contributor' level user. Note that there is currently no way to limit access for contributors to prevent them from editing other users' exhibits or changing whether or not the exhibits are public. I intentionally left out all the 'delete' privileges, but you can add those if you'd like your contributor users to be able to delete exhibits. Hope that helps.

This is not working for me. Has the fix changed with newer versions or is there a typos or am I just missing something?

FYI, the hack above doesn't generate the admin tab for exhibits, though it does allow access if you manually add "/exhibits" to the admin URL.

I'm guessing something in the function exhibit_builder_dashboard() is not picking up the added permission for contributors?

Hi Erin,

Very sorry for not following up with you on this. We've given Contributor users the ability to add/edit their own exhibits in an upcoming version of Exhibit Builder. It should be out early next week.


Hi Jeremy,

Just wondering if the new Exhibit Builder version that allows Contributors to build exhibits has been released yet - definitely looking forward to it!

Yes, it will, but it hasn't been released yet. We are pulling together a few different bug fixes for the 1.1 release, which should be available in a few weeks.