Aligning Fonts in Menu Boxes

I'm working on a theme based on Berlin, and I've modified the main menu bar to link directly to exhibit pages, back to a static home page, etc. But I can't seem to get the text within the menu boxes to align centered. I've tried centering in the header.php file itself, I've tried creating an "h6" style within screen.css that is center aligned, none seem to work. Not sure where to turn, any help would be appreciated.

Hey dave,

I'm not exactly sure what your code looks like. It sounds like a CSS styling question. Checkout:

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the tip. I'm still having trouble, I've poked around with the CSS, I can control the font, italics, etc through CSS but not the text centering. I gather this is an issue with centering in a table, which I'm not quite clear on how to do. This is an issue for me with the menu links for overall navigation, as well as the menu links for navigation within exhibit sections. An example of the code is:

<?php echo nav(array('Home' => uri(''),'Four Years of War' => uri('exhibits/show/182nd/pacific'), 'Men of Company G' => uri('exhibits/show/182nd/men'), 'Around the World' => uri ('geolocation/map/browse') ,'Browse the Collection' => uri('items'))); ?>

I've tried enclosing this with a new <h6> that I set up in screen.css, but this will only modify the font, etc, not the centering. I've substituted "nav" for "public_nav_main" in header.php in order to manually control my menu, and the issue seems to originate when I've done this.

My apologies if this question is moronic in nature...

You will want to look in the CSS again and focus on the # primary-nav set of divs.

#primary-nav li has attributes, such as making the text-align: center.

If you use Firefox, there is an add-on called FireBug that is really good at identifying the markup on a web page and breaks the code down its HTML structure and CSS attributes. This should help in identifying which parts of the CSS you need to modify as you edit the theme.

Good luck,

Thank you! Firebug is great, found what I was looking for. Appreciate your patience as I come up to speed.