After upgrade, Rhythm, Easy-Colour, Emiglio, and Santa Fe themes show blank page

I just upgraded to the latest Omeka yesterday and several of the themes no longer seem to work - that is, the default home pages don't display. If I go specifically to the /exhibits page, I can see that page fine, but the home page is blank. Any help would be appreciated.

That's correct. Updates to Rhythm and Santa Fe are due out shortly (matter of weeks). Easy Colour is from someone outside RRCHNM, so I don't know its status.

Oh, thank you! I was just modifying my post to include Emiglio in the list when I saw your reply. Would you happen know if an update for Emiglio will also be released soon? Thanks again!

Yep! Emiglio and Minimalist are also set to be released at the same time as the others

Okay then - thank you! Wish I'd known this before upgrading. :( Was this information included somewhere and I just overlooked it?

The info about what versions themes work with is on the themes' pages, but we could certainly give a more prominent warning.

Thanks, that would be nice. I guess I would have expected to see it in the release notes or something.

Just a heads up that Easy Colour 1.2 (the latest version currently available) is broken for me too after upgrading to Omeka 2.x, although the newest versions of Santa Fe, Rhythm, and Emiglio work beautifully.