After upgrade, exhibit content not visible on backend


We recently upgraded from version 1.2 to 2.4.

Everything seemed to work fine, except, our exhibit structure & content is not viewable/editable in the exhibit builder. Exhibit structure and items are visible on the public site, we just can't find it in the exhibit builder.

Section headings from the old version of exhibit builder show up as "pages" in the new exhibit builder... but no editable structure seems to exist.

How can we access our exhibit structure (it's showing up on the public side) to edit in exhibit builder? We'd really rather not re-build each exhibit anew.

- thanks

When you go to edit an exhibit on the admin side, the pages should be listed at the bottom. Each page should be editable by clicking on its name in that list.

Thanks John- when clicking on those listed page names, the 'edit' page that comes up is blank/empty - does not contain any of the content which shows up on the public side. Also, sub-pages to these pages are nowhere to be found.

Thanks for any thoughts -

Can you post screenshots of what you're seeing on the admin and public sides?

I'm not aware of anything that would cause content to be publicly visible but not appear when editing, but there could be something going wrong somewhere along the line. Seeing what the admin side looks like will help show what's happening here.

Ok - so we tried a different machine/different browser and lo&behold the admin editing side looked fine (all sections, etc. visible). So I compared browsers and the one we were having trouble with (Firefox) had some active extensions: Adblock Plus and Privacy Badger - which when deactivated, allowed the section headings and sub-pages to be visible/editable.

So now we know: Firefox using Privacy Badger and/or Adblock Plus will mess with the exhibit builder plugin.

Thanks for your responses - I'll continue to update if things continue to give us trouble.