Advice needed. Is my site ready for omeka or I stay wordpress???

OK, sorry if with this I offend anyone but I dont know what to do

I am a libraian whom at home want to publish a website of art, specially scanning stuff I have

I wanna know your oppinions, if I stay wordpress or I use omeka, I saw omeka at my library service thats why I ask, I have a premiun site at webhosting

thanks for an advice

One of the major differences between WordPress and Omeka is the handling of Dublin Core metadata. Omeka was built with the goal of easy publishing on the web, with the importance of metadata in mind. WordPress, by contrast, is great for easy publishing -- and definitely has more themes available for appealing presentation, but out of the box is less concerned with also publishing metadata.

So, I'd say that part of the question comes down to the importance of metadata about the things you are publishing. If a title is all you need, then WordPress might be sufficient. If you also want to publish more precise metadata, then Omeka might be the way to go.

The other thing that Omeka is good at is exhibits with the exhibit builder -- that's designed to let you produce a narrative interpretation and/or description of several items that you publish.

To learn more, a free account on will let you explore more of the details for yourself.