Advanced Search


The advanced search option is not working as I would expect. I am trying to limit a search based upon subject headings as follows:

Subject contains Gloucester [and]
Subject does not contain Beverly

The search results are as follows:

The first two records should not be included in the results

I'm not sure what I am doing incorrectly.

By the way, when I try to do an advanced search in the public side, I cannot add multiple fields by which to narrow the search. This does work on the administrative side. I believe this was working in the past.

Thank you.

The advanced search in Omeka is actually inclusive, not exclusive.

So, your search results contain all items that match against any of the subrows, not against all of them.

As for the add and remove buttons for the advanced search, it looks like your public theme has its own copy of the advanced-search view script. That script was updated in Omeka 1.3, so if you've got a modified version, you'll need to re-do your modifications on a fresh copy from application/views/scripts/items/advanced-search.php.

The advanced search in Omeka is actually inclusive, not exclusive.

Sorry, that's really not accurate.

The advanced search only matches items with satisfy every "row" of search terms you specify. The problem here is that the "does not contain" search operates on ElementText scope, not Item scope.

The upshot here is that "does not contain" returns Items that have any text for the element that does not contain the search term.

This should be resolved in Omeka 1.4, so only whole Items that have no matching texts.