Advanced search returning too many results

An omeka installation I'm doing some development work for seems to have a problem with the advanced search. The keyword search works fine, as does the Collection search. However, it seems like no matter what you do with the "Narrow by Specific fields" options, the search returns all items.

You can try it at

From some other posts in the forums, I'm wondering if it's a misconfiguration in the MySQL installation. If anybody has any ideas I'd love to hear them.

Are you in a position to upgrade to Omeka 1.3?

The Omeka 1.3 release fixed a bug that caused the "Narrow by" search to be ignored for some users.

I can't upgrade this installation, but I will let the people who can do the upgrade know.

I just heard that upgrading to 1.3 did fix the problem. Thanks for the help