Admin/Themes page is inaccessible

Hello again,

Boy do i have a lot of problems this week! After upgrading to the latest release, my admin/themes page is not accessible ("Directory access is forbidden."). It's like it doesn't know I'm logged in as a superuser. What could be causing this?

Hi Erin,
Are you having trouble accessing other parts of the admin panel? Can you get to the user settings? plugins?


I can navigate anywhere in the admin panel except in the themes admin area.

I might try to reinstall 1.0 tonight and maybe that will fix some of this. After upgrading I never got the confirmation that the upgrade had actually "taken" (i.e. the usual "database updated" dialogue did not appear)

I reinstalled Omeka 1.0 and it is still happening.

same problem here!

Erin was having this problem with Omeka 1.0 -- Jeremy, what version of Omeka are you running? Have you tried installing 1.1?

I have installed 1.1. I managed to get into the themes panel by logging in using admin/index.php. But now I have a new problem. I've selected an item as a "featured item" but on my home page it says that I have no featured items. Any advice you could give me would be gratefully appreciated.


I just installed 1.1 and I cannot seem to getting into the themes panel either. It also gives me a directory access is forbidden.

Any solutions?

It probably is a permissions issue, see this post on the same topic: