Admin sidebar plugin links all direct to same page

Hi There,

So, I have a strange issue that just started. I recently installed the "Simple Vocab" and "LC Suggest" plugins. The actual install worked fine. However, the sidebar tab links that are created as a result of install both point to the same page (Contribution | Getting Started).

This happens in spite of the fact that the URL for each plugin tab link seems correct. They are as follows:

Simple Vocab --> /admin/simple-vocab
LC Suggest --> /admin/lc-suggest

Again, both of the URLs above display the content of the Contribution plugin index page (/admin/contribution/index) ...thus, preventing me from accessing the configuration options, etc. of Simple Vocab and LC Suggest.

I have already tried deactivating and even uninstalling the Contribution plugin, but when I do, the sidebar tab links for Simple Vocab and LC Suggest simply point to the content from the another plugin. For example, once I removed Contribution, SV and LCS pointed to Dropbox instead (/admin/dropbox).

It seems like something is screwed up in the way of where and why the plugin tab links are pointing. It's weird because, as I mentioned, the URLs seem to be correct, but they are not actually pointing to where they should.

Has anyone else experienced this issue or have ideas about what is causing it? How to fix? Thanks in advance!

I am running Omeka Version 2.3

Plugins installed:

Coins 2.0.3
Commenting 2.1.2
Contribution 3.0.3
Dropbox 0.7.2
Geolocation 2.2.3
GuestUser 1.1.1
Html5Media 2.4
LcSuggest 2.0.1
RecordRelations 2.0
SimplePages 3.0.5
SimpleVocab 2.0.1
SocialBookmarking 2.0.2
UserProfiles 1.1


I deactivated Dropbox and Contribute and now the sidebar tab links for SimpleVocab and LcSuggest are taking me to an error page. I have Omeka set up for logging errors, but nothing appears in the log. I'm at a loss...

Does it look like you are getting redirected? That is, even though the links look okay, what's the actual URL that you end up at?

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the reply. I know my initial message was a bit of a run-on as I am having difficulty capturing exactly what was happening.

To your question, the sidebar links associated with each respective plugin returned the following URLs:

Simple Vocab = ""
LC Suggest = ""

But, as I said, the content that was served at those URLs belonged to other plugins: First, Contribute and, once Contribute was disabled, Dropbox. In other words, the same content that appears at the following URLs: and

You've mentioned that you uninstalled Contribution -have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling SV and LCSuggest?

I have. In each case, everything behaved as expected:

The sidebar links are removed with uninstall of SV and LC accompanied by a "success" message. Then successful reinstall and sidebar links are built. Still, the URLs are correct, as mentioned above, but content is scrambled.