Admin panel interface is weird

My two latest installations of Omeka both feature an admin/dashboard screen that is an array of repeating squares of shimmering color with a small dark grey square in the lower left corner. OR will give you a precise idea of that which I speak.

The admin interface is still functional and the public-facing side of Omeka is unaffected, but it is a bit distracting. The first site I have not reinstalled, but the second site I deleted and then reinstalled with fresh files, all with the same result.

Any ideas for what might be wrong?

Many thanks in advance!

All best
Quint Gregory

There's a background image specified in your admin theme's style.css that is very small, so it's getting tiled. Line 40:

body {
    background-image: url("../images/bg.jpg");
    color: #4C3939;
    font-family: "Cabin",sans-serif;
    font-size: 14px;
    padding: 0px;
    margin: 0px;

Adding background-repeat:no-repeat; would show the image only once, background-size:100% 100%; would stretch the image, or you could remove the url() value and instead set a color.

Hi sheepeeh-

Many thanks. I figured it might be something like that and appreciate you pointing the way to the proper file.

What is strange is that I am pretty sure I am using files straight from the Omeka download site, unaltered (well, at least not by me).

Thanks much.

All best
Quint Gregory

The only time I've had my admin interface go crazy, it was because I had a different theme set in the database (in the options table), but that theme didn't actually exist. (In particular, it happened because the admin theme directory wasn't included in our development->production migration scripts.)

If you're not using a custom theme and haven't changed any files (perhaps it was actually bg.jpg which was altered?), it's rather strange to have this problem!

This looks like a wee glitch/corruption happened, possibly when the files were uploaded to the server.

Here's the offending background image file that sheepeeh identified, as it comes back from the server

Note the teeny-weeny dark spot at the lower right corner. That looks like what is causing the issue. In the distributed files, it's a solid background without that little blemish / beauty-spot.

You might try just re-uploading that file from the package you downloaded back up to the server to see if that fixes it. Or, maybe more likely, download a new copy of Omeka and re-upload the file. It's in /admin/themes/default/images/bg.jpg

Hi Patrick

Many, many thanks! (to you and Sheepeh). I assumed it was a corrupted image file (I do recognize the repeating pattern as a tile), but had no sense of where to find it. Thank you both and now I will set about fixing it, although I remain perplexed as to how it ever became corrupted.

All best