Admin Browse Items: Sortable Columns

I'm betting this is something simple I've missed, but is there a way to make the columns in the Admin Browse Items (List View) sortable? Looks like the default sort order is by the Omeka internal ID which is not very useful. I have 1000+ Items in my Collection and would like them to appear sorted by Title (yet being able to sort by any and all of the Columns would be useful). Any way to do this? (I'm searching for the actual SQL query to add an ORDER BY statement to it, but that's kind of a klunky fix....)

Hey there,
We also have developed an Omeka database with over 1,000 items and have had similar issues. I installed this plugin:

to help on the front end, and I am planning to at some point to try and adapt this to the back end also. If you haven't tried it already, this might make be a helpful starting point for you (and probably a bit easier than trying to change the sql queries manually)