Admin approval for items submitted through Contribution plug-in?


We're eager to use the Contribution plug-in, but it's essential that we be able to monitor and approve submissions from the public before making them public on our site. The contribution plug-in appears to be set up this way (after users submit an item, they are told to wait until an administrator approves their contribution), but we can't find a place anywhere in the configuration or admin/plug-in dashboard to actually monitor and approve submissions.

Any advice is greatly appreciated! We were on 1.5.2 and just upgraded over the weekend to 1.5.3.



Contributions are added to Omeka as private (not public) items. To vet user contributions, click on the Items tab and use the Quick Filter for Private, and click View Details to see a quick snapshot of the contributions. You will see items that are not marked public, and if a user has not given permission for it to be made public you will see "This item should not be made public." in the detailed toggle view.

Then you can view each and make them public or not as you see fit.