admin altert for new contribution

Just pondering...

Is there a way to monitor new contributions? Meaning, when a Contribution is made an email would be sent to the administrator to alert them to approve/make public the new contribution.


There is a bug in the plugin, but the site administrator is supposed to get an email each time something is submitted to the site.

We'll get working on that.

I also noticed there was a form that would send the contributor an email to let them know their submission was in process--but this doesn't happen when I run tests. Is this also associated with the bug? (or have I just failed to set something up?)

I was able to find this on the Admin page. Question answered!

Has there been any progress on getting the admin alert emails to work?

We will be releasing a new version of the Contribution plugin with the 1.3 release of Omeka, which will probably be coming out in late Nov, early Dec.