Adjusting Zoom on

Hello all,

I've been working with and noticed that when I try to zoom an image it makes the image so large that it is blurry. This makes it difficult because I have some letters that are to read because of this. I know that has ZoomIt to fix this problem, so I'm wondering about It is becoming a big issue.



Can you link to a page showing the problem? just makes it easier to zoom in and out of different sections of the image, it won't really add detail that isn't there. If the "original" version is too small or blurry, I don't think would help.


Here is an example of one that isn't necessary all that blurry, but it becomes so big that it is really a nuisance to use when blown up:

Thanks for your help!


Unfortunately, there isn't a Zoomify plugin available for users, and there isn't a way to adjust the zoom. You could resize the image to a smaller overall size, upload the smaller image file, and try it.