adding video, using the report plugin and adding a flash file


I have the following questions:

1. I an working with omeka 2.3. have hosted it on my PC(self host) so l want to add an mp4 video which is uploaded(found) in my PC of size 5MB but the maximum size of a file is 2MB. please is there any way for me to display my video locally on the website which is only hosted on my pc.

2. How does the report plugin work in a simple page. I want to show the results of some students after they have completed an exercise on a simple page which l entitled exercise.

3. Can i add a flash file (extension .swf) in omeka

Please waiting for your reply urgently.
Thanks aateksmich

1. Maximum file size settings will be in the server configuration, usually in php.ini.

2. Reports isn't really designed to interact with simple pages. It is aimed more to provide information to administrators

3. Allowed file uploads are set under Settings->Security. You can either add the extension, or simply turn off file validation.