Adding Tags in Neatline

I've imported thousands of Omeka items into Neatline and want to style them using CSS as explained in the Neatline documentation. ("Styling Exhibits with Neatline-Flavored CSS")

Unfortunately, this requires each Neatline record to have an associated Tag, which is not automatically populated when importing from Omeka. It would take months to manually tag each individual record in Neatline.

Is there a way to batch tag multiple Neatline records?

Or am I just dumb?

If you have access to the database, you can apply the tags via MySQL query. Something like

UPDATE omeka_neatline_records
SET tags = "mytag"
WHERE item_id IN(123,456,789);

You can pull the item numbers with another query (against tags and records_tags) or from an Omeka search with this gist:

Slight modification to your code. Instead of item_id it should be just id. And it works. Thanks!

Thanks also for the Ruby script, though in the end I decided to import by Omeka tags and used WHERE id BETWEEN x AND y in MySQL to tag by sequence.

It would save a lot of duplicated effort if Neatline imported Omeka taxonomies, but I'm not smart enough to figure that out, so I can't really complain!

We were just talking about this a bit; would using tags from the Omeka records work for this purpose, or would you need a full on batch-editing interface for this?

We're always open to feature requests ( for things like this. It really helps us prioritize what features users would like to use.



I think it would be nice to have the *option* to include tags when importing items. It would be nice to map custom Omeka fields to Neatline fields as well, but I'll settle for tags.

I'm really impressed by how responsive you folks have been. Cheers!

From someone struggling with a similar issue,

It would be very helpful to be able to use tags from Omeka, at least that is my two cents.

Thanks so much though, the MYSQL query should save my project a lot of time.


Hi evanphamilton,

We have a feature request registered for this ( While we can't promise a timeframe, feedback like this helps us prioritize these kinds of features!