Adding style and/or structure to config.ini

I'm wondering if it's possible to add styles or structure to the config.ini file for a theme. For instance, I'd like to group related settings under a heading (e.g. "Display Settings", "Third-Party Services", "Advanced," etc.). I've poked around on the Zend and Omeka sites but haven't found any documentation. Is this something that can be done by theme designers?

Add styles to the config file, or to the config page in the interface?

You can't really do styles, but you can do groupings and headings like you describe. Look at the [groups] section of any of the CHNM-produced themes for an example.

You wouldn't find any documentation for this from Zend, it's Omeka-specific. We should be documenting it somewhere, but I wouldn't be surprised if we aren't.

Perfect, thank you!

I have a project-specific plugin that modifies the admin interface and functionality of one of my sites, so I went ahead and updated the plugin to help manage our glut of theme options.

If anyone else is interested in doing something this, you can use a script like the following to enable the jQueryUI "accordion" effect on grouped theme settings:

// adjust the HTML for compatibility...
jQuery(".theme-configuration [id^='fieldset-']").each(function(i){
	jQuery(this).children('.field').wrapAll('<div />');
// activate the accordion using the legend tags as section headers...
	collapsible: true,
	active: false,
	heightStyleType: 'content',
// tweak the styles as needed
jQuery('.ui-accordion .ui-accordion-content').css('height','auto');

Again, you'd need to create your own plugin (basically just using the admin_footer hook), but I figured I'd share just in case.

NOTE: This may not work as is if your groups have description text.