adding non-item images to Omeka homepage

I am interested in adding images to my collection homepage that are not associated to any collection items (i.e. they are not Omeka item files). I considered just adding these images as items but then couldn't figure out a way to have them display on my homepage but not show up in item browse or search (it seems adding the images as item files and then making the item 'private' also prevents the image files from being used elsewhere on the site).

Is embedding externally hosted images (for example, through using the SimplePages plugin HTML editor) my only option?


I've done this with a few things, usually for exhibit summary pages. I just put the images in files/theme_uploads and then add them through the html editor. For your homepage, if you're not using a Simple Page, you would have to edit index.php in your theme to display the image.

You can also add them as an item, but use a conditional in items/browse.php to exclude that item by number from search results.

I've been working on a plugin that tries to make this easier. It creates an Item Type ("Media Bucket") that is not included in items browse so you can add files to that. There are also a couple functions and shortcodes to help dig up the files, or just use the usual [file] shortcode.

Thanks to both of you. I have got it working using the file/theme_uploads option.