adding more metadata fields?

Is it possible to add more metadata fields in addition to the set of default Dublin Core fields that are available? I've been looking through the website and haven't found an answer. Thanks!

Hi Kif,

You may add fields to any of the item types.

The new release will offer a complete complement of extensible DCMI fields, so if you are looking for the few DC fields we did not include, just hang on until the fall when all possible DC fields will be available for the filling.

If you are interested in adding new metafields now, you can see the Codex:;
or listen to a recent screencast that demonstrates how to edit an item type to add, edit, or delete fields:


I'm also interested in adding additional metadata fields, or using the full extended DCMI. Both links above lead to empty pages, and the version of Omeka that I have does not seem to have the extended DCMI. Can you please point me to the current documentation on this?


Hi Winona,
Are you running .9.2 or .10? In .10, you have access to fully extended DCMI. Unfortunately, we did not build that into the earlier versions.

This is how you can manage item types in .10, which is very similar to how you can do it in .9.xx:

Hope this helps.

Thanks Sheila, that's very helpful.