Adding Meta Tag to Homepage


I am looking to add a meta tag to my sites homepage to ensure greater SEO for my site. I have tried adding this tag to my homepage on Omeka as well as the file on my cPanel. However, I fear that I am adding this information to the wrong file. Has anyone added meta tags to their site before? If so, can you share any advice on this topic?

Thank you!


The right place to add meta tags would be in common/header.php in your theme folder, but depending on how many items you have, you might not want to (because every page will have the same meta info). I have about 2,200 items on a site set to launch this month, and I'm planning to submit XML sitemaps to Bing and Google rather than labor over conditionally printing meta tags.

"Although conventional logic would hold that it's universally wiser to write a good meta description, rather than let the engines scrape a given web page, this isn't always the case. Use the general rule that if the page is targeting between one and three heavily searched terms or phrases, go with a meta description that hits those users performing that search. If the page is targeting long-tail traffic (three or more keywords)—for example, with hundreds of articles or blog entries, or even a huge product catalog—it can sometimes be wiser to let the engines extract the relevant text, themselves. The reason is simple: When engines pull, they always display the keywords and surrounding phrases that the user has searched for. If a webmaster forces a meta description, they can detract from the relevance the engines make naturally. In some cases, they'll overrule the meta description anyway, but a webmaster can not always rely on the engines to use the more relevant text in the SERP."


This is extremely helpful. Thank you!!