adding logo on the header section of omeka home page

how to add an image/ logo on the header left corner section of omeka home page...right now there is provision only to display the site name entered during the configuration.

it will be great help if some one could guide me on this.

You can modify the header.php page found in the theme's /common folder to add a logo. Or, if you can wait until our 1.2 release, which should be coming out in the next week or so, there is a place to add a logo in the header through the theme's admin panel.

thanks sheila, wow...can't wait for omeka 1.2 ...right now i am building my archive on omeka 1.1, home updating t0 1.2 will not be a difficult process. eagerly waiting. i think i will have a very pleasant surprise for Omeka developers...something that will make you all happy.