Adding logo image

I am using the latest version, and when I try to add a logo file from the admin page, it says that "Omeka has encountered an error." I tried to follow the instructions on the page (, but I couldn't find the line in the .htaccess file: # SetEnv APPLICATION_ENV development

Do you have any comments?

Thank you for your help in advance!

If you're using the latest version (or any 2.0 version), your .htaccess file should have that line.

If you don't have it, you should make sure you actually are using the .htaccess file from the zip of the version of Omeka you're using. Otherwise, you can just add that line manually (without the leading hash mark).

Yes, you're right. I found the line in the .htaccess file. I removed the '#' but it still shows the same error message.

BTW, the file, .htaccess is saved as a hidden file. Is it supposed to be hidden? I didn't touch this file at all and I'm not sure if it's the reason of the error I'm having.

Please help me!